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What is (good) web design?

Key Elements of well-designed sites

  • Identity - Even though a site on the Web can be many things, they should first and foremost reflect the 'purpose' and even philosophy of the company and/or service being presented. Lighthearted, serious, fun, business-like, entertaining, education? We will help you with that identity. 
  • User friendly content - Nothing is so frustrating (for clients) than having difficult to locate info on a web site. Then, if it turns out to be either out of context or out of date, the information becomes less than useful. Clear, clean design means relevant and updated content that is simple to locate.
  • Consistent & appealing presentation - Too many colors, flashing graphics, hard to read text and different fonts and layouts from page to page can not only be confusing but will lose you customers.

Geek4You will work with you to insure all these elements of good web site design are incorporated into your site.


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